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Customer Support Essentials: Building Trust with Every Interaction

Introduction As I sit here, surrounded by the buzzing energy of direct response marketing – an industry that’s always on its toes, chasing trends, and redefining boundaries – I’m reminded time and again of one profound truth. No matter how incredible a campaign, no matter how spot-on a product, the real heroes aren’t always under[...]
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Why Website Accessibility Counts

Building accessible websites doesn’t just help out your visitors – it’s becoming an increasingly significant factor for organic rankings, as well as a potential way to decrease PPC costs and improve your profits.  In this blog, we’re exploring what digital accessibility means, why it’s becoming so crucial for modern businesses, and how it can benefit[...]
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Learn How to Choose a Manufacturing Partner for Your Business

When starting a direct response business, most entrepreneurs tend to focus on optimizing their websites and validating product value propositions. These are certainly crucial tasks, and it’s a big part of what I do as a marketer. But all too often, they are prioritized at the expense of other vital tasks for e-commerce stores and[...]
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Digital Marketing During the Coronavirus Crisis: What Every Digital Marketer Needs to Do

As governments and public health officials across the globe work to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, nearly everyone is feeling the impact. While some countries are on complete lockdown, other countries are carrying -or at least trying to carry -business as usual. It comes as no surprise that the digital marketing world has felt[...]
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