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The Most Forgotten Metrics (And Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Them)

By Richard Parkin Whether you’re analyzing data for optimization or putting together performance reports, you’re probably looking at a defined, unchanging set of metrics. Consistency is vital, but it can stop you from getting the full picture. In this blog, we’re exploring some frequently missed metrics and exploring what they can tell you about your[...]
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Why Website Accessibility Counts

Building accessible websites doesn’t just help out your visitors – it’s becoming an increasingly significant factor for organic rankings, as well as a potential way to decrease PPC costs and improve your profits.  In this blog, we’re exploring what digital accessibility means, why it’s becoming so crucial for modern businesses, and how it can benefit[...]
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Why SOP Quality is Critical

Building SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) is an important part of running your business smoothly. However, it’s not just about getting SOPs written – you’ve got to make sure that they’re accurate, useful, up to date, and easy to understand.  Whether they cover internal processes, marketing, or anything else, SOPs explain exactly how to carry out[...]
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