Travis Gomez

Managing Partner

California Office
When the chips are down, having a Trusted Advisor in your corner makes all the difference. Not only can it keep you from making a bad situation worse, but you also know that they genuinely want to see you succeed. It doesn’t matter if it’s your business or your marriage. A win for you, is a win for them.

Personality Type: The “Architect” (INTJ-A)

Strengths: Quick, Imaginative, and Strategic, High Self-Confidence, Independent and Decisive, Hard-Working and Determined, Open-Minded, Jack-of-all-Trades


Travis Gomez co-founded the Shockwave Solutions in 2019 with his business partner Emma Rainville. Travis has a strong background in finance and marketing. Throughout his career he’s used his knowledge of multiple marketing channels and payment platforms to help online businesses expand.

In addition to co-founding Shockwave, Travis serves as the VP of business development for CambridgeCommerce, Inc. His insights into marketing strategies and solutions to financial challenges faced by direct marketing clients helped him grow his company’s revenues in excess of 400% on average during his nearly 20 years at the company. He creates tailored operations, marketing, and payment solutions for a wide range of clients.

Prior to CambridgeCommerce, Inc., he was the Finance Manager for captive finance division for 2 manufacturing companies. One, an innovative medical laser manufacturer and the other, a leading single engine aircraft manufacturer. He grew the medical portfolio from zero to $4.25MM in the first year and the aircraft portfolio from $1.5MM to over $28.4MM in less than 2 years. He was responsible for negotiating terms with lending institutions, developing underwriting guidelines, designed marketing strategies and developed systems to support deal flow and the sales teams.

Outside of business, Travis spends his time serving his family and community. He married his high school sweetheart and lives in North San Diego County with their twin daughters. He and his wife are passionate about serving couples throughout San Diego as the Directors of a premarital training & mentoring program.

In addition, he serves on the Board of Advisors for a non-profit that finds opportunities to meet physical & spiritual needs of underserved communities throughout the world by empowering & mobilizing individuals and local communities to Give-Go-Serve.

Travis holds a Bachelors of Arts from Vanguard University of Southern California. During his time at Vanguard he received a major in Marketing and a minor in Communications.