Emma Rainville

Managing Partner

Texas Office
I think the essential underpinnings include an ability to think critically and creatively, and funneling that energy into a dedicated experience where outstanding customer service, imaginative solutions, and an aim for an inspiring outcomes is the ultimate goal.

Personality Type: The “Executive” (ESTJ-A)

Strengths: Dedicated, Strong Willed, Direct and Honest, Loyal, Patient and Reliable, Enjoys Creating Order, Excellent Organizer


Emma Rainville is one of the two founders of Shockwave Solutions. She co-founded the company with Travis Gomez in 2019. Emma has a strong background in operations and logistics. Throughout her career she has shown a passion for creating processes that help small businesses grow, and has a track record of proven results.

Prior to starting Shockwave Solutions, LLC she served as the Chief Operations Officer at a digital marketing firm. During her time at the company she helped launch 6 product lines and increased company revenue by 268.7%. She was also recognized as a renowned executive at several conferences and masterminds. She was featured as a keynote speaker at the Affiliate World Europe, The European Summit, Ecomm Texas, and Playersclub Masterminds.

Emma also served as the Chief Operations Officer for the service company My Tech. During her tenure there she helped increase profit margin by 14% and increased yearly revenue from 564,000 to 7.3 million in 24 months.

In addition to her achievements as an executive, Emma dedicates much of her time giving back to the community. She is currently on 4 nonprofit committees, one of which she co-founded. Most recently she accepted the position of Vice President for Pineapple Support, a charity that helps provide mental health treatment to adult entertainers.

Emma has a BS in Dietetics from James Madison University. A Bachelors in Social Work from the University of Central Florida – Orlando. A Masters In Nursing From the University Of North Carolina In Chapel Hill. And an ABD from Texas A&M Forensic Science Ph.D. program. She also served in the IDF for 4 years starting as a translator for Mossad then going on loan for a UN-sanctioned mission to the Sudan.