Should I Be Worried About Compliance?

If you’ve ever worked in marketing, you’ve almost definitely heard of compliance, but you may not be getting the full story

In short, compliance is all about protection. It’s about protecting your customers from misunderstandings about the products and services you provide, but it’s also about protecting you from potentially serious legal action from government agencies like the FDA and FTC.

On a wider level, making sure that your marketing is completely compliant is a huge advantage, in ways that might not be obvious when you start out. It’s not just about cutting out the risk of lawsuits or warning letters – compliance can be one of the most effective revenue drivers for your business.

If you’re effectively utilizing your compliance, you’ll be able to build more trust than ever with your customers. You’re going to be able to offer customers a better experience, transform the data you collect into ultra-effective action points, and even operate more effectively as a company.

Compliance can seem incredibly daunting, but it’s almost always simpler, quicker, and cheaper than it looks. This Thursday (August 13th), tune into the Shockwave Solutions podcast, as we deep dive into the big facts behind compliance, scout out some shocking Coronavirus compliance problems, and give you some actionable advice on how to get your marketing on track for compliance.

Through this episode, we’re talking to Damon Wright and Ryan Poteet, two expert compliance lawyers from Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani. As you’ll hear in the podcast, they’ve done some fantastic work to make the uncertainties of compliance far more accessible.

As part of their commitment to responsibility, they’ve just published a powerful E-Commerce Legal Guide. Don’t miss out on getting your free copy – send an email to to claim yours!

Author: Richard Parkin

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