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What Is Shockwave Solutions?

Do you ever wish you could spend your day working ON your business…

Generating new revenue-producing ideas by actually having time to think for once…

Creating new, exciting partnerships that drive your business forward…

Developing strategic plans to spur new growth…

And solving big problems that keep your business stuck…

Instead of getting buried in day-to-day fires that stress you out and eat up all your time? That’s what Shockwave helps you do. Here’s just some of the ways we can help you:

Here’s Who We Help Best

We’ve consulted and worked for over 1,000 clients in the past 20 years in practically every industry. In that time we’ve discovered the EXACT types of clients we can generate the best results for.

Our best clients…

Are generating between $2MM – $50MM in annual revenue…

Are direct response marketers selling either physical and/or digital products primarily online…

Understand the value of being legally compliant in your marketing and operations (even if you’re not yet)…

And sell an amazing product that delivers real results for your clients.

Sound like you?

Then you’ll want to know…

What Makes Us Unique

We’re not like other agencies in our field. There are three ways in which Shockwave is completely different from anyone else – all of which mean consistent, tangible benefits for our clients:

  • We Execute Solutions

We don’t just suggest you make certain changes. We actually step into your business and make them for you. That way you stay focused on your zone of genius while we work in the background to shield you from the fires that drive you crazy.

  • We’re Experts At EVERY Aspect Of Operations 

If you had one COO in your business, you would be limited to that person’s knowledge and expertise. With us you get an entire team, each with master-level expertise in various areas. It’s like having a full team of operations specialists for less than the price of an in-house COO.

  • We Fix Problems Permanently

We don’t believe in Band-Aid solutions. Whenever a fire pops up, we work together as a team to find sustainable, scalable solutions so it doesn’t happen again. This allows you to scale rapidly without losing team members or exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

Of course, results are what really matter. Here are a few real-world examples of how we’ve helped clients in the past. Take a minute to scroll through the stories below to see the difference we’ve made in other companies… 

Shockwave Solutions Testimonials

We’re not like other agencies in our field. There are three ways in which Shockwave is completely different from anyone else – all of which mean consistent, tangible benefits for our clients:

Our Awards

  • Achievement Award- Greatest Impact- Team Building CVS Pharmacy (2017)
  • Leadership Award from Groupon (2017)
  • Team Impact Award from Evernote (October 2017)
  • Above and Beyond Award from Flipkart (2018)
  • Star Performer from Blizzard Entertainment (2018)
  • Excellence in Operations and Logistics from Craftable (June 2018)
  • For Excellence in Operations To This Organization from Rakuten (February 2019)






Revenue Boost

Meet the Shockwave Team


Travis Gomez

Managing Partner

Emma Rainville

Managing Partner

Richard Parkin

Director of Digital Marketing and Analytics

Perrie Holding

Operations Specialist
Option 1

Daniel Brooks

Director of Customer Relations

Nick Krogstad

Technical Lead

Meet the Shockwave Team

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If you’re looking to potentially add an extra 20% – 80% to your net profit over the next 12 months…

If you love the idea of freeing yourself up to focus only on your zone of genius instead of the tedious operations that drive you crazy…

And if you want to spend your days thinking of big ideas, strategy, and company vision instead of day-to-day frustrations…

Let’s chat and see how we can help you.

Before you do that though, it’s important you know there are several criteria we have for new clients. After all, we’re NOT for everyone, and we’re extremely picky in who we work with.

Here are the criteria you should fit…

You’re doing at least $2MM in annual revenue

You know operations is a weak point in your business

You’re currently using a CRM and have at least one merchant ID

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