Nick Krogstad

Technical Lead

Arizona Location
As Shockwave’s Technical Lead, Nick builds attention-grabbing, effective funnels and web stores, while using his expertise to review and improve technical capacity for clients, integrate operations-critical platforms, and far more.


As an established and innovative software development professional with a strong passion for designing and developing websites as well as web applications, Nick solves the technical issues that threaten to prevent clients achieving their dreams.

Working as Shockwave’s Technical Lead, Nick is able to apply his experience and skills to the countless challenges facing modern entrepreneurs.

Through his career, Nick has constantly been one step ahead, evolving his skillset, whether it’s exploring new technologies or refining tried and tested technical approaches. Whether evaluating the situation or implementing solutions, Nick applies refined analytical and critical thinking skills to meet evolving priorities, shifting needs, and emergent issues.

If Nick doesn’t have his eyes glued to his computer screen then you can likely find him on one of the many golf courses Arizona has to offer. Just look for the person with the worst swing… you’ll find him.