Daniel Brooks

Executive Assistant

Barbados Location
Having worked in customer support for over 15 years, Daniel recruits, trains and directly manages support staff in a way that consistently goes above and beyond all expectations.


Having started on the customer service frontline before stepping up to management, Daniel is an absolute expert at all sides of customer support, ensuring fast, responsive and effective service for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

As Shockwave’s Director of Customer Relations, Daniel is responsible for organizing and training support teams for Shockwave clients, working intensely to ensure world-class service.

Daniel believes in building genuinely rewarding environments for his teams, ensuring that all staff members have room to expand their skillsets, develop their interests and feel engaged with their work.

Working to hit high level CTAs while remaining completely in line with all regulatory requirements, the support teams organized and trained by Daniel are truly excellent, always taking the extra step to ensure customer (and client) satisfaction.

As a published author and poet, Daniel is a self-driven natural when it comes to communications.