Colin Pal


Canada Location
At Shockwave, Colin plays an Integrator role, helping clients achieve operational excellence and increased profits by implementing strategies to build efficient operating systems and processes, elevate teams with leadership and mentorship, all while freeing the visionaries from the day-to-day so they can focus on their zone of genius.


After years of consulting entrepreneurs and mentoring teams, Colin believes that success happens when opportunity is met with intentional preparation. For high-performing teams, that preparation is the intersection of great leadership, talent development, and impeccable operations.

Prior to starting with Shockwave, Colin served as an Integrator and ops consultant at a business consulting agency for entrepreneurs in the coaching and online education industry. During his time at the company, he has helped launch 2 consulting programs that quickly scaled to 7-figures and has served over a hundred online businesses.

Colin started his career in the online business space as a digital marketer and hit a turning point in 2018 when he helped a tech startup, Thinkific, grow from 6 to 80 employees and $4M annually recurring revenue within 2 years. During his career, he became obsessed with the importance of leadership, talent development and building culture. In 2018, he founded Stillness Labs, a company providing mindful leadership and emotional intelligence training for teams and companies like Google, Facebook, Deloitte, Four Seasons Hotels, and Lululemon.

Colin’s zone of genius is in his ability to simplify the complex, see patterns in human behaviour and business, and implement systems and strategies that drive results. His outside-the-box thinking is mirrored by his unconventional life. Colin chose to spend 7 of his adolescent years living and training as a Zen Buddhist monk over taking the conventional path of education.

Despite having no academic background, he developed top level talent, skills and knowledge through self-learning, experience, and the right mentorship.

Colin’s also very passionate about the many men’s groups he has created to coach men through the traumas and conditioning that keep them from stepping into greater leadership.

Outside of work, Colin loves travelling and exploring different cultures and traditions, being immersed in nature, and cafe hopping to find the world’s best shot of espresso.