What is Shockwave Solutions

Shockwave Solutions works with clients to design and implement strategies, solutions, and systems that increase revenue through creating or optimizing client’s direct marketing campaigns. We also maximize profitability by evaluating and restructuring (if necessary) operational systems and solutions. We carefully select clients to ensure we create unparalleled value through each interaction.

Coaching and Interim Services

Companies lose skills when managers or specialists are temporarily out of action or leave the company at short notice. Our consultants are on hand to give you the support you need.

Retargeting Customers & Potential Customers

Wait! You aren’t emailing your customers? We evaluate the opportunity and build your email engagement, re-engagement journeys. If it’s present, we optimize it.

Human Resources

We evaluate team roles and responsibilities. How to best optimize employee productivity to increase profits and work / life balance. We offer team and system building packages. 

Merchant Accounts

Is your payment processing healthy?  We determine if the systems you have in place are congruent with your business model. We evaluate your systems and determine the best practices to get the best prices.

Customer Service

It’s more than just answering phones.  We determine if you are optimized for the best customer experience. We will be looking to increase customer retention by decreasing refunds and chargebacks and create the Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that happens every time.

Affiliate Email Marketing

Upon finishing your retargeting campaigns and selling every possible option, we then set up reciprocal mailing. This earns in two ways. First, customers will purchase affiliate products and you get a payout for each product sold. Further, your affiliates will reciprocal mail your offers bringing in revenue!

Affiliate Management

If you are running a CPA offer, traffic can be difficult to acquire. Adding large networks and agencies can be overwhelming. We will teach you our proven systems to not only on-board but also to monitor. Mitigating fraud while scaling may seem overwhelming but we have expertise in this!


We evaluate every element of your business to ensure maximum profitability including product manufacturing, fulfillment, packaging, platform and system costs. We can help you negotiate your current contracts on fixed costs, and offer alternative more cost effective means if necessary.

Systems & Tech Support

We assess systems and platforms you are utilizing to ensure they actually meet your current needs, from CRMs to affiliate tracking tools and email delivering systems, while making sure you have the correct procedures in place. We also renegotiate any standing contracts.

Organizational Management

We simply provide you with the best possible services by implementing process documents for each department to help your company run seamlessly. Spend less time putting out fires and get focused on increasing profits!

Risk Management

In order to mitigate risks, it is vital that they are identified and recognized, classified and evaluated. Tiered hierarchies, complex process, IT systems, and international integration make risk management necessary to secure the future of your company. 

Vision/Company Culture

There are few things more powerful than having every team member working in sync. Building authentic unity around a common vision is the most direct ways to accomplish this. We can help you determine if this needs to be created, presented or updated.
Years Experience Working

Get More Out of Your Business

We provide operational and structural support as well as oversee projects until the predefined goal is reached, and beyond, if required. Our recommendations bring useful, tangible results and can be implemented immediately with or without our assistance. 

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At Shockwave, glossy off the shelf presentations and abstract visions are definitely not our style. Because we provide immediately implementable solutions that help you hit your business goals.

  • Do you require support in the upcoming reorganization of your company?
  • Have corporate structures in your company changed or are they in need of change?
  • Do you want to centralize or harmonize processes between various locations or companies?
  • Is your day-to-day work and project work in the financial sector exceeding what is humanly possible?
  • Do you need an impartial assessment of your company’s actual situation?
  • Would you like support in preparing your company for the future?
  • Are you missing out on revenue because of know how?

By working with you, we know that we can find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how Shockwave Solutions and our specific business consulting services can help you get more output of your business.

Why Work With Us?

Service is more than just “advising our customer.” We start from a needs-based, future-oriented approach — it’s way more than selecting suitable solutions. It’s also the implementation and execution of the entire upgrading process. Closely supporting our clients after completion of a project is a matter of course for us. As a result of this service philosophy we have developed long-standing partnerships with our clients and industry connections.

Our solutions are always designed with the individual success goals defined by our clients. Our aim is to achieve a long-term partnership through every interaction.

Our Awards

  • Achievement Award- Greatest Impact- Team Building CVS Pharmacy (2017)
  • Leadership Award from Groupon (2017)
  • Team Impact Award from Evernote (October 2017)
  • Above and Beyond Award from Flipkart (2018)
  • Star Performer from Blizzard Entertainment (2018)
  • Excellence in Operations and Logistics from Craftable (June 2018)
  • For Excellence in Operations To This Organization from Rakuten (February 2019)

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